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Are you ready to be an "Emerging Worker"?

With the pressure on the global economy, the workplace is changing. Join me for on-going discussions about the "emerging worker". Some call it the new 'permanent temporary'. As companies focus on project oriented staffing versus permanent positions, the job seeker must learn to reposition, engage, and perform with a slightly different approach. Are you ready for that?

Visit my blog to join the discussion.

Also, visit…


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Taking into Account the Unexpected when Negotiating your Commercial Lease

Natural disasters such as Hurricane Ike or Tropical Storm Allison that damaged many buildings in the Houston area can interrupt operations at hundreds of businesses. But even, inoperable or faulty building equipment, a sudden freeze that causes pipes to burst or a summer thunderstorm that cuts electrical power can bring a business to a halt.

Most standard office leases…


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The Dreaded Annual Operating Expense Statement

This is the time of year that most office tenants begin to receive the building’s operating expense escalation statement for the previous year of their lease term. This is the additional rent charged to the tenant to cover the increase in operating expenses for the building. Even if the operating expense escalation has been carefully negotiated in the lease document, tenants are often surprised at the amount when the bill arrives.…


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Breakthrough Business Strategies radio-Curve Detroit-What's Your Curve?-Charlie Wollborg-Terry Bean

Once in a while you will find two guys who are connected, know their ^&*$ and funny. Oh, who are we kidding never seen it in two guys together except Charlie Wollborg AKA @Charliecurve and Terry Bean. Just imagine what you will experience when you hear their titles at work... Chief Troublemaker and… Continue

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Spiral Lights Spotted in Norway

Northern Norway experienced an unlikely light show last December 9, before 8am. The sky was lit by a spiral light that lasted for 10 to 12 minutes before it disappeared completely. Speculations started coming out: firstly, it is a UFO, and secondly, that it is a failed missile launch. Earlier new evidences came out that answered the queries of everyone especially the Norwegians who saw it: the said spiral lighting was from a Russian Missile Test Launch that failed.

The Bulava missile… Continue

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Valuable lessons for business people from the costly media misstep of a political candidate

An unfortunate communications failure is proving costly for a promising Hispanic candidate in Texas.

Debra Medina, the Hispanic candidate in the Texas Republican primary for

Governor, and her campaign now appear to be in crisis mode. The crisis

stems from a poll showing that her response to a question about the 9/11 attacks in a

nationally broadcast interview has seriously eroded her… Continue

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Function Assessment: A Basis For Improvement

Since becoming a consultant, I have had a number of companies ask for help evaluating an individual function or department. Whether following an acquisition or a change

in executive leadership, the desire for an objective assessment of one or more

functions has become a fairly common occurrence for



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Hillary Clinton's 'Race of a Lifetime'

In politics, as in everyday life, a convergence of circumstances can prove fateful -- gleefully so for the winners, and maddeningly unfair in the view of the defeated. This is one of the many observations one may divine from John Heilemann's and Mark Halperin's newly-released book on the 2008 U.S. presidential race, Game Change: Obama and…


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Here's what Tiger Woods should say and do on Friday

Tiger should ditch his agent and take media questions tomorrow.

TW is better off taking advantage of the media in attendance to finally get out his story and in a way that provides optimum credibility for him. If we were advising the Sultan of Swat, our suggestion would be that he get his story straight, focus on specific messages supporting his story, and that he stay on message. He should field questions and use them to drive home his story. And if the media persists and doubts, he… Continue

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And, I get it from Matt McGuire with LeasePro.

I just had another experience with my car leasing guy, Matt McGuire...another GREAT experience. I've been leasing cars for a long time. It used to be such a hassle. And, regardless of what a "company states", in relation to their customer service "philosophy" - if it isn't followed through by the staff...it just doesn't… Continue

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Rapidly Integrating an Acquisition

Studies continue to show that up to 70% of acquisitions fail to meet expectations in terms of financial performance.

Attending to the human aspect of integration - specifically, fear and

alignment - can greatly increase the speed and potential benefit of the




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Featured Member
I am doing a survey of all coffee, tea, or hot chocolate drinkers. I just have a couple of simple questions to ask.Question 1. Do you drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate at least occasionally? Or do …

I am doing a survey of all coffee, tea, or hot chocolate drinkers. I just have a couple of simple questions to ask.

Question 1. Do you drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate at least occasionally? Or do you know of anyone who does?

Question 2. How do you like your coffee? Black, Cream, Cream & Sugar, Mocha, Latte etc.?

Question 3. Do you have a favorite brand? Edwards, Folgers, Tim Horton's, MaxwellHouse or etc.?

Question 4. When you are on the go what is… Continue

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Trey Pennington the Father of Social Media Professor Goes Deep with Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio

Trey Pennington Spitball Marketing
Trey Pennington Spitball Marketing

When Alex Karis introduced us on Twitter it was as if heaven opened up and I found my

long lost best friend...you know the one that you seem to just know

each other and connect with ease.…


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Help to feed animals in rescue shelters

Please do this for the SPCA -- it takes

only a minute!

This is pretty simple.... Please ask ten

friends to each ask a another ten to forward

this e-mail today!

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they

can meet their quota of getting…

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EmailWire Press Release Distribution Now Podcasts Press Releases on GroupWeb Radio Podcasting Service

Podcast Press Release Summaries Now Available on GroupWeb Radio

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 11, 2009) Houston, TX – Existing and future clients of EmailWire NewsWire ( http://www.emailwire.com ), a global press release…

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Toyota looks a lot like a Camel

Have you seen or heard Toyota's response to the largest recall in

automotive history? How could you miss it. We saw it and Toyota

resembles a camel. Yes, we said a camel - with two humps (Bactrian camel, Camelus bactrianus), not one, to be exact.

How did this happen to Toyota? Here is our theory.

See our Blog:… Continue

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Toyota Bashing

It seems we have a new pastime in this country: Toyota bashing. It started when the first round of accelerator problems were

announced and became a full-blown fad after the issue resulted in suspending

sales of the company's most popular products.

Read more at:… Continue

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Recently, while reviewing my archives, and recalling a conversation with one of our policy guru's, Lodis Walker Wykoff, I found this particularly interesting list of corporate policies and guidelines, directly related to social media. I did not create these, but following some brief research, I learned that these guidelines were created and posted by "Shift Communications".

While they may not apply to… Continue

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Never Buy Another Computer For Your Business Again...Here's How.

Wouldn't it be great to never have to buy another computer again, yet your computers stay current with the latest technology and security?

With the new Elevated Plan from Elevated Technologies, we can provide your business with fast, secure and efficient technology. We will also keep that technology up-to-date by upgrading those computers every 3 years at NO additional cost. You will never be stuck with old, slow and unreliable computers again.

This plan is not just for… Continue

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