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" Always Arrive in a Room Thinking There you Are ”


When you arrive in any situation where you are investing time with the members of your team, what is your state of mind? Do you walk into the meeting thinking “I am here” or do you walk into the room thinking “there you are” Both states elicit very different responses from both you and the people you are dealing with. When you arrive in a room, focusing your energy on your own self-importance, with your chest puffed up looking around to see who has noticed that you have arrived. You…


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" Negative Emotions are Normal and Part of any Success Journey "

Conference Speakers

We live in a non-authentic world where we have unrealistic expectations, caused because the society 

in which we live, has misled us to believe that everything in our world should be positive all the time. The unrealistic pressure we are placed under by our peers and from society at large, tell us that, unless we are perfect all the time, outperforming everyone around us, making more …


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" The Actions you Take or Fail to Take are Moulding your Future "

When you make that crucial decision to finally take charge of your life, where you accept your part for how things have turned out in the past and present. You empower yourself to mould your future just the way you want it, by making more informed choices in the now. You can change how things turn out from this…


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" Are you Mentally Tough Enough to Achieve your Dreams? "

Achieving success, whatever that may mean to you and your unique concept of what constitutes success, requires discipline, consistent effort and mental toughness. You need daily discipline, to ensure that you take the action you need to take every day to achieve the outcomes you want and mental toughness…


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When is the Right Time to Pull the Trigger on Success?

When do you think is the best time, to start creating the future you want in your life?  Should you keep putting it off for a tomorrow, which never comes or do you think right now is the only time to finally make the decision, you know you need to make, about changing your life and creating that positive and meaningful future you have always dreamed about? What one small insignificant action are you going to take right now, to begin making the difference you know you want? The sooner…


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Business Lessons I Learned Caddying for my Grandfather

When I was young, I used to get up very early in the morning to caddy for my Grandfather.    We used to head down to City Park in New Orleans, meet up with some of his friends, and I would get to ride in his cart and hand him whatever club he asked for.

And, my Grandfather was an EXCELLENT golfer. When he was much younger, he had been invited to be a Pro Golfer; but he chose to work in the Post Office  (he eventually had 8 children, and golfers did not quite make the money in those…


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Featured Member

What is the hottest thing to Market right now in America?


How would you like to work with a 29 year old company that offers:

Best DENTAL HMO in the Country:

• Lowest Co-Pays:

• $0 co-pays for Exams

• $0 co-pays for X-rays

• $5 co-pay for Cleanings

• $8 co-pay…


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" Success does not happen in a Day, it takes place Daily "

Do you think you just wake up one day and success has just arrived with huge fanfare and a ticker tape parade? No success is the result of thousands of hours of concentrated and focused effort on the part of the person who is enjoying the fruits of their labour. Although to everyone around them, it  looks like they achieved their success overnight. The same is true of failure; it is not one cataclysmic event, it is the result or rather the accumulation of years of poor thinking or…


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Using HARO to Help Promote Your Network

I recently stumbled upon a very handy website called HARO. HARO or Helpareporter.com is a website that matches reporters with sources for stories, articles and TV, etc. My first thought was that I might use it to help get my nonprofit organization SOFA get more exposure. As I started looking through the many, many request for sources that fell outside of my area or expertise I immediately started thinking about the different people in my network that might be good sources for these article…


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Volunteer / intern positions open at InHouston

Jobs currently open:

- charity committee members - volunteer
- event committee members - volunteer
- sponsor sales - commission-only
- event hosts - volunteer
- volunteer coordinator - volunteer
- some board positions open
- social media interns

Do you know anyone who'd be interested?

Tell them to email Eric@TheInHouston.com

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InHouston Jobs

Are you looking for work?

How well are you using your InHouston membership?

The following link is to blog posts on InHouston tagged "jobs":


You can go here without a feed reader and bookmark this to see new posts tagged jobs:…


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" Are You Playing To WIN OR Are You Playing NOT To Lose? "

Let me ask you a question.

You don’t have to tell me, only YOU will know the answer… YET it accurately predicts your level of success.

The question is…

Are You Playing To WIN OR Are You Playing NOT To Lose?

Now before you answer, because I know what we all would say out loud, I want you to think about what you are REALLY saying to yourself internally.

See most people do what they do because the HAVE TO.

It’s something we’re conditioned with from the early…


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The Subconscious Mind - Part 1

The Subconscious


Last month’s blog showed you the importance of understanding the subconscious mind and how it affects everything from your relationships to your daily functioning. Everything you have ever experienced is held intact within your subconscious mind whether you “re-member” the experience or not. Let’s look a little closer at how your experiences get into your subconscious mind using something physical and more concrete, something most of you have…


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" Traits that will take you to the Top "

Do you want to go to the top?

The you need to exhibit the five key traits that many leaders possess. Dr. Scott Martin, industrial psychologist at the London House, a Chicago based consulting firm, ran an extensive study of top executives traits and pinpointed five specific abilities they commonly share. Martin explained, of the 30 traits we tested for, we found five that distinguished the top people in the organization from entry level managers. Later, they did more than 40…


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" Winning begins with Planting "

Give more to others than they expect.

Robert Louis Stevenson said, "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant."

Five (5) types of people:

1) The never invest..they expect to collect - they complain.

2) They never invest..they don't expect to collect - they…


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Political Candidate
Getting Involved

Saturday, April 21st both the Republican and Democratic parties will hold their Senatorial District Conventions.  Anyone can go as long as they are planning to vote in that party's primary.  You cannot attend one party convention and then vote in a different party primary.   Get to know your candidates, your neighbors and what your party is doing.  The location of the primary can be found on the websites for the Harris County parties.   It will be a great time and a great opportunity to get…


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InHouston Uptown Park Open Business Networking Mixer, RSVP now for this Wednesday

InHouston Uptown Park event RSVP now for this Wednesday

If you have never been to one of these, what is your excuse? There has never been a better time to network. Did your well before you need it. More importantly, give first and make "networking deposits" so that when you need your "networking account" will be overflowing with blessings for you and your network. …


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Featured Member
Americans Stay Connected to Social Web via Mobile Devices

Americans Are "Always On" and Use Mobile Phones / Tablets to Stay Connected…


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" Excuses - What's Yours? "

Excuses . . . wear me out.

Here are some examples from the workplace (though I could easily give you a longer list outside of work too):
  • I can’t learn it that way (it’s not my learning style).
  • I need to know this first, so until I know that I can’t . . .
  • I can’t make it work because. . .
  • No one…

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Houston Community College Southeast Veteran Resource & Career Fair Expo 2012

The Houston Community College Southeast is scheduled to launch its first annual

Veterans Resource & Career Fair Expo 2012 at the Learning Hub Building multipurpose room

on Friday May 4, from 10 am - 2 pm.  There will be 40 Veteran resource and employment representatives 

that have volunteered to assist our veteran students and community.  Veterans make great employees!

For more information contact James Corona at…


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