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" Two Huge Words in Everyone's Life "

"FOLLOW THROUGH" are two of the BIGGEST words in everyone's life. You must take action to accomplish something but if you are to do something for yourself or for others, you must "FOLLOW THROUGH" with it. We fail ourselves and others when we don't "FOLLOW THROUGH"! So be sure to "FOLLOW THROUGH" today, tomorrow and everyday and it will lead YOU to much HAPPINESS!


Texas' Premier Image Makers…


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" The Power of Your Imagination, Will Create the Future you Desire "

I have often pondered the question around, what drives one person to consistently take the daily actions, which result in great success and what encourages someone else with the same potential, to sit back and do nothing. The research that I am conducting is pointing me towards, a finding that highly driven or inspired achievers find their strength in the power of their imagination. It seems that people, who can visualise a crystal clear picture of exactly what they want in their…


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Black American Gold Miner Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr.

Magazine article published on the Black American Gold Miner Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr. http:  or 

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The Subconscious Mind - Part 2

The Texas Crime Victims Unit sent Jeff to me for psychotherapy. He was attacked at work by a former employee and had suffered life-threatening injuries that had left him disabled physically and psychologically. During his intake, Jeff reported 2 other incidents where he had almost died. The first was a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Jeff received a traumatic brain injury but had successfully fought his way back to almost full function. In his forties, Jeff was hospitalized for a…


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CEO/Business Owner Interview On GroupWeb Radio Podcast with Press Releases to Local and Major Media Outlets

Unlimited Press release distribution with CEO/Business Owner Interview On GroupWeb Radio Podcast to U.S. Newspapers, Radio & Television Stations, Global Online News Sites, Blogs, RSS Feeds and Social Media Outlets via EmailWire Newswire

NewsWire service, EmailWire, to distribute audio interview from CEO or business owners with unlimited…


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" 3 Ways To Make Your Blog Posts, Videos, and Emails... more Attractive! "

It's always been the case, but it's especially true today...

... you've got literally SECONDS to catch someone's attention.

People are BUSY... actually busier than ever.

With smart phones, Facebook, and an ever increasing number of commercial messages thrown at us daily, your prospect is simply... overwhelmed.

The Solution?

Create a catchy, compelling,…


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Appraisal Review Board Hearing is only final, if you allow it to be! Can you spell ARBITRATION???


Word on the streets from the Property Tax Consultants is that they consider the hearing outcomes thus far, to be about “par” in relation to what they have seen over the last couple of years. HCAD announced at their annual meeting this year, that they felt that values had been reduced fairly and that they weren’t looking to be reducing them any further,…


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" Five Key Ingredients for Being Successful "

You must have a SYSTEM—a process for identifying, qualifying, and developing selling opportunities.  Pursuing anyone who expresses a casual interest in your product or service is a poor investment of your time and energy.  Even pursuing only those who have a real interest but not the where withal to buy it, or the ability to make a decision to buy it, is a poor investment of resources.  In order to obtain the greatest return on that investment, you must be able to systematically…


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" It's time to Re-fire and Create the Life you Dreamed About..."

I heard of a story about an 86 year old lady, having remarkable drive and passion.  She said something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. She said she would never RETIRE, all she did every day was RE-FIRE and enjoy every minute she had on this beautiful planet. Wow what a lesson we can all take from this remarkable ladies book. She is an inspiration to us all.

I cannot understand the desire of some people,…


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Political Candidate
Are Elections Confusing You? Part 3

Which offices are up for election during the primary?


In the primary election, both parties are selecting their representative to go to the November General Election.   A point of clarification, many people are confused over this issue and do not vote in the primary.  If a voter votes in the primary, the voter is not obligated to vote one way or another in the General Election.   So go ahead and help select the best candidates to be on the ballot in November.  Another…


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Political Candidate
Are You Confused By Elections? Part 2

Why are the elections so late this year?  This is an excellent question and complicated.  As you recall, the Federal Census Bureau took a census in 2010.  The results of the 2010 census revealed how the population had changed since 2000, basically how many people are now living in the United States and where they are living.  The census also outlines where people of different ethnicity live.  The population in Texas has grown so that Texas is allotted 4 more representatives in the Federal…


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Ladies, Play Nice!


Ladies, Play Nice!


The last couple of years I have done a ton of networking and have had the opportunity to meet hundreds (or probably thousands) of people. I must say that I really enjoy this part of my job. I love talking to new people and getting to know them. Some of them I have ended up doing business with and some have become really good friends. It’s definitely a perk of the…


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CPA Services

Greetings Everyone,

I will be moving into the area within the next month, and wanted to reach out in regards to Houston CPAs. If you have had a good / bad experience with certain individuals or firms, please let me know (via email, I do not wish to slander anyone publicly). I am looking into it myself, but I wish to utilize all possible resources before making a decision. Thanks in advance for the help. God Bless.

Larry Simmons,…


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"Are you Mentally Tough Enough to Achieve your Dreams?"

Achieving success, whatever that may mean to you and your unique concept of what constitutes success, requires discipline, consistent effort and mental toughness. You need daily discipline, to ensure that you take the action you need to take every day to achieve the outcomes you want and mental toughness to allow you to endure adversity and…


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Political Candidate
Are You Confused by Elections?

Ever sit around with friends and the topic of elections comes up and you really do not want to admit that you do not know what a primary is? Or understand what the 2010 Census has to do with elections? This series is designed to answer those questions that you were afraid to ask.

How does one get elected? It is different for each state and for each position. For a partisan race, that is a race where a candidate is supported by a political party, the candidate must get the nomination…


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" Ask more Positive Questions and you will Transform your Life "

How you show up every day, does most certainly set the tone for how your day will unfold. Do you wake up every morning spring out of bed, energised and fired up by the prospect of tackling your day? I refer to this as my daily activation energy. When you wake up and consciously force yourself to get out of bed, energised and ready to tackle whatever comes your way that day, you are effectively setting the tone for an energised and productive day. On the other hand when you wake…


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Sales Exec Position (Houston Galleria Area)

Absolutely No Recruiters!

Looking for a technology sales person that understands managed services, hosting services & cloud services.  Most of everything that we do is around Microsoft's platforms but we do provide other services as well.  The sales person should have at least 3 years in sales and come with the intention of using their own generated leads and work on leads generated through CAP5 marketing activities.  The sales executive will only work on new sales--CAP5 has…


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Job Opportunity: Field Service Technician with Makino (Locations Nationwide)

Are you tired of going to your customers with dated technology or limited back-up support? Do you find yourself frustrated by having the skills, but not the technology needed to fix your customers’ problem? We have an answer.


Join our team and become an expert in the field. Makino is looking for machine tool savvy service engineers and technicians for our Field Service Technician position.  Targeted locations are:


  • Houston, TX…

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" Escape the treadmill of Average and Pull the Trigger on Super Achievement "

By just looking at someone, can you tell what they have been through or what they are capable of achieving? In fact just looking at yourself in the mirror every day, can you tell what you are capable of achieving? The truth is it does not matter where you have been or what has happened in your past, all that matters is where you are going or rather where you are going to end up. The direction you choose for your life and the place you finally end up is directly proportional to your…


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" Creating Financial Wealth is about Delaying your Gratification "

Accumulating financial wealth is, most certainly not the only measure of wealth and success. However money is the vehicle, which allows us to translate our intangible dreams and aspirations into tangible things. So don’t discount the importance of acquiring financial wealth, as part of your journey through …


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