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Poinsettia Table Talk

Poinsettias are the Christmas season flower, but where did they come from? Here are some interesting tidbits for conversation starters in December.

The genus name "Euphorbia" comes from Euphorbus, the Greek physician to King Juba ll (50 B.C. to A.D. 19) of Numidia (present-day Algeria). King Juba ll was the first person to find a succulent-type Euphorbia. "Pulcherrima" means "very handsome." The common name "poinsettia" is in honor of Joel Robert Poinsett, the first U.S. ambassador…


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Need some Birthday Wish sayings? Florist's tip

Here are some great email choices for Birthday Wishes......serious and funny!

Hand written on a card adds a personal touch.


Cyndi Gutowski,IFD

Floral Insight


Happy Birthday to my favorite person, dearest friend, closest companion, and love of my life!

Because you’re so special to me, I just wanted to send you a special gift to say Happy Birthday!

Wishing you birthday memories to hold…


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Enclosure Card Sympathies shared (Florist's tips)

When purchasing sympathy flowers for a co-worker or loved one picking flowers or colors comes easy. The last words on the card can be difficult. Here are some suggestions to use before signing your name or company name.

Be sure to include address for distant family members acknowledgment.

With deepest sympathy

Keeping you in (our) thoughts and prayers

Thinking of you during these difficult times

Deepest condolences for your loss



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Bought what? Florist's tips

It's your Anniversary, you bought flowers then the florist hands you a blank card. Oh my goodness! you say to yourself, "What do I write?"

This can be a little intimidating, been married for years and still can not think of something good to put on the card! I have made a list of some of my favorites, hope this helps next time you are in need of something to write on the card for your Anniversary!


Cyndi Gutowski, IFD



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Expressing Feelings with Flower Power!

You can make yourself happier, smarter and healthier with flowers!

Did you know, you can fight pain with flowers? Try african violets!

Women who look at flowers are twice as able to tolerate pain as those who don't, a recent study suggests. And purple flowers double the effect. Seeing the color stimulates the brain's pituitary gland, which releases pain fighting endorphins.

Is someone sick, that you need well quick? Send them flowers...

Flowers can help! Hospital…


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What Kind of Flower is your Sweetie?

Find Your Sweetie's Floral Personality!

Is your true love filled with passion like the rose — or do they flirt constantly like the tulip? Discover your Sweetie's floral personality and then surprise them with a gorgeous bouquet or arrangement of that bloom from Cyndi Gutowski, owner of Floral Insight. Now that’s the way to capture their heart!

Rose: Romantic

Slipping little love notes into your lunch and never missing a chance to say "I love you" makes this ultimate…


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Rose Color Messages

If you are wanting to send roses to someone but not sure of the message you are sending, here is a list to help you prevent future complications in relationships!


RED - I love you

WHITE - Spiritual Love & Purity


CORAL - Desire

LAVENDER - Love at First site

ORANGE - Facinated


DARK PINK - Thank You

PALE COLORS - Friendship…


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Creative tips for February 14 Romance Day!

Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) is on a Sunday this year, with that being said... some of us think about this all year how we can be the ultimate romantic lover of the year! Do these creative tips and you will be the talk of the town. Supplies you will need: 12 roses short stems. Tue-1 rose, Wed-1 rose, Thur-1 rose, Fri- 2 roses, Sat- 2 roses, Sun-5 roses. Your hands to peel petals off roses.

Because this is a supply & demand holiday roses will be pricey purchased individually daily. I… Continue

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Nice Quickie Centerpiece

Going to a dinner party can be stressful not knowing what to present the host/hostess with. Here is a quick item you can make from your home but looks like a special ordered item.

First, the container and wetfoam can be purchased at Wal mart or any Craft store. Be sure to allow the foam to soak plenty of water. Put in container and tape across the foam to outer edges of container for foam to stay put. Insert 15" tapers in foam 2" deep for sturdiness. Go to the Christmas tree, cut some nice… Continue

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# 512 Member: What a Fantastic Year!

October marks my very first year of networking and being an inHouston member!

When I first came to this site, I had no idea what my future held. It was scarey, intimidating and the unexpected all wrapped up in one ball. In my industry you tend to stay wrapped up in your shell, do old school advertising and hope for the best! As the economy changed forcing my business to go down hill, I knew in my heart there was something else out there. I have a God Given talent, but still not doing well… Continue

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I Ride in memory of my Dad

September 19th I'm going to do something I've never done before. I'm going to ride my bike 64 miles in one day as part of the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure. This is a huge step for me since I've never gone even half that distance before. But participating in this ride is important to me, I am riding in memory of my dad which battled diabetes for many years before his passing and I will be a RED Rider. (Red Riders are the riders riding in the Tour de Cure who are living with… Continue

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Economy Buster's : Olive oil, Vinegar and Lemon

What a combination! Olive Oil, Vinegar and Lemon helps save you money in all sorts of ways.

These cheap items can cut money like you would not believe. You can use them for your health, home and cleansers.


Here's one for the pesky weeds out front in the driveway cracks. Put vinegar in spray bottle, spray the weeds a few times that should kill them. Make sure you do not spray on grass, it will kill that too!

Great household tool as or tea… Continue

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Discount & other inHouston services offered for Mom's Day!

Hello my fellow inHouston networkers!

Mother's Day is my biggest week in the floral business and I want to share with you a discount! I am offering this week to inHouston networkers only!

FREE DELIVERY or FREE WIRE SERVICE FEE when ordering a floral arrangement for MOM! ($15.00 value)

You can order on my use Promotion Code: INHOUSTON

or call me at 281-550-4731 , let me know you are a inHouston member to receive… Continue

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Flowers? I didn't know that!!

Flowers are used to say I love You, Thank You, Hope you feel better or I'm Sorry; but, did you know that they also can be eaten or used as a pesticide? That's right! Used as a safe natural pesticide.

As May comes, the first traditional bar-b-ques is set for Memorial day to start the Summer off, what better way to set the backyard patio up with nice florals to keep the pests away! Use these flowers and herbs out and about in the yard and you will be free of FLEAS, MOSQUITOS, WASPS, FLIES… Continue

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Easter Fun Facts

Easter Lily

Easter lily is a symbol associated with motherhood. Symbol of Easter, white Lily signifies purity and hope. There are many legends related to Easter lily flower. It's not just a flower meant to adorn house, but it has a lot of significance too. According to Roman mythology, white Lily is associated with Juno, the queen of gods. It is said that at the time when queen Juno was feeding her baby son Hercules, some milk fell from the sky. The part of it that remained above the… Continue

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Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Anniversaries are a wonderful time to rekindle a romance, or to just remember what brought you together with your loved one in the first place. Planning a romantic anniversary is easy--you just have to know what steps to follow!

As your anniversary approaches each year, the pressure for romance returns. What should I buy? What should we do? Let's face it, just being in love doesn't mean you suddenly become Don Juan. The pressure to come up with a creative and romantic… Continue

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Cyndi Answers! Internet Flower ordering Nightmare!!

Julie from Katy, TX asked: I had bought flowers for my sister's birthday over the internet from a flashing banner and did not get what I paid for. ($103.) The arrangement looked like a $50 or less amount of flowers. I had complained and received a small discount, but I still was not happy with the result. How can I prevent this from happening again?

Cyndi answers: Ahh, this is a huge thorn in my side as well as the other real florists of the World. You ordered from what… Continue

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Cyndi Answers!

Tip to making Rose Arrangements last longer!

After 2-3 days it is best to change the water and re-cut the flowers for maximum longevity. I recommend removing the entire bouquet from its original vase and placing it in another container while you change the water. Be sure to use warm water and flower food. Adding flower food to your water mixture will help the flowers last longer. It is important to follow the mixing directions on the flower food packet. If the flower food solution… Continue

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Cyndi Answers:

How do I care for my flowers/plant?

Flowers delivered arranged in a vase by a florist:

Your flowers were delivered ready to display and require no initial conditioning.

After a few days, cut the stems at a sharp angle under water if possible, replace the water in your vase, adding a packet of flower food provided with your arrangement.

Keep flowers away from televisions, appliances, and heating/cooling units and out of direct sunlight or drafts.

Plants… Continue

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Cyndi's Answers:

How to keep the Hydrangea from drooping

One of the most fascinating flowers in an arrangement is the hydrangea flower. Everyone always wants to know how do we keep them from drooping after a day, Alot of people enjoy them growing outside in the gardens but will not cut them to enjoy in the home. Well I have a tip for you that will make them last for at least 3 weeks or longer in a vase!

Here's what you do.... First fill the kitchen sink with warm hot water , not scolding… Continue

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